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Psidium Guajava Fruit

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Product Code AC-26272
CAS Number 91770-12-6
ECHA Number 294-795-3
Odour Type Tropical


Fruit Of The Guava, Psidium Guajava L., Myrtaceae Guajava Pyrifera Fruit Guava Fruit Guava Fruit Powder Guava Pulp Myrtus Guajava Fruit Myrtus Guajava Var. Pyrifera Fruit Psidium Guajava Var. Cujavillum Fruit Psidium Guajava Var. Guajava Fruit Psidium Guava Fruit Psidium Guayava Fruit Psidium Igatemyense Fruit Psidium Igatemyensis Fruit Psidium Pomiferum Fruit Psidium Pumiferum Fruit Psidium Pumilum Fruit Psidium Pumilum Var. Guadalupense Fruit Psidium Pyriferum Fruit